ShuGuo Whole Day Seafood Set



[2L of each soup will be given*Additional Chargers For Extra Soup*]

全猪骨汤 Pork Bone Soup

– Snow Ice Abalone(4pcs) / 冰镇原粒鲍鱼(4片)
– Japan Asari Clam(Full) / 日本花甲
– Baby Cuttlefish(4pcs) / 脆皮小墨鱼
– White Pomfret Fish(1Pc) / 深海鲳鱼(1只)
– Hotate Scallop(Half) / 日本裙边带子(半分)
– Napa Cabbage(Full) / 大白菜
– Ring Roll(Half) / 响铃卷
– Enoki Mushroom(Full) / 金针菇(整份)
– Handmade Noodle / 手工面
– Egg Fried Rice / 蛋炒饭

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Beef Oil Mala, Nature Oil Mala, Beauty Collagen Soup, Mushroom Soup, Pork Bone Soup, Tomato Soup

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